Hello Seattle-ites and fans of the Bumbershoot Music fest!  I just wanted to officially invite you out for the West Coast Premiere of “FANCY”, during the upcoming Bumbershoot-1Reel Film Fest’s “Love and Marriage and More…” Program, screening Saturday, September 3rd, 7pm @ the SIFF Cinema Theatre.  I’ve recently gotten to know several of the other  films screening as part of our program that night (including the Pierre Stefanos standout short “Bedfellows“), and I’m honored to have our sassy little dance film invited to play alongside such outstanding examples of indie filmmaking.  Anyhoo, I’m pretty excited by the program, and I hope you get the chance to check it out!

BTW- If you are interested in checking out the program, but don’t yet have a ticket, make sure to direct tweet me(@CKOlsenPresents) “I WANNA SEE FANCY IN SEATTLE” by Midnight, August 27th, 2010… You could win a free pair of Bumbershoot Tickets!

For more info, please visit the following links, and I hope to see you there!


About CK

CHRISTOPHER KAI OLSEN is an Emmy®-winning filmmaker who's innovative storytelling approach can be seen throughout a variety of award winning productions, including the documentary series "THE ARTSIDERS®", the hit children’s series "VEGGIETALES®", the film fest favorite “FANCY," and the upcoming animated series “THE KARL DAHL SHOW™." In addition to his film work, Chris enjoys teaching and speaking about art, science, and cutting edge filmmaking techniques, and has been known to walk miles out of his way in order to procure a well-made chai tea latte.
  • Pierre Stefanos
    Pierre Stefanos

    YAY Fancy and Bedfellows! All of the films in the “Love and Marriage and More” program are gonna blow everyone’s socks off, at an arts festival not to be missed (unless you enjoy missing THE party of the year)! Congrats to Chris and all the filmmakers participating at 1 Reel and Bumbershoot in Seattle – go check ’em out!!

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