This excerpt is from a work-in-progress film test for one section of a multimedia performance piece I’m creating (entitled SATINE), which will combine spoken word with live movement and time lapse/stop-motion projections like this. While the full SATINE performance is likely to run 45-ish minutes, this specific scene (ANTUMBRA) is


(Please note: This clip has no sound)This is a short render test from a work in progress CGI animated film. Everything here is my work from the concept, story and direction, to all design, modeling, rigging, animation, camera work and final renders/compositing.


This extract is from an improvisational performance I created in collaboration with choreographer Melissa Thodos, musician Thomas Masters and fabric artist Katrin Schnabel.I designed the performance rules and starkly graphic video projections to drive when the dancers could move and draw on the projection wall and each other. This frenetic


This excerpt is from a short filmed story of a beatnik love triangle told through dance. I wrote the story, composed the music, choreographed the performance, designed the set and costumes, then produced, directed and edited the film.Additional production crew members included:Lighting Lead: Lamar BloodworthCamera Operator: Kyle BainterSeamstress/Wardrobe Assistant: Beth


This is a clip from a short filmed exploration of one man’s fixation, told through poetry and interpretive dance.I wrote, produced, directed, choreographed, designed, styled, and edited the film.Performers: Kirsty MacKellar & Christopher PrenticeAdditional production crew members included:Camera: Joe FarrisGaffer: Kevin PittmanLocation Sound: Tom BeachThe film premiered at the 2008


This is a section from a solo dance piece I created, jointly inspired by a particularly frantic pre-holiday week and a concept I had been playing with for a dress design. These shots were captured during one of my final wardrobe test rehearsals. While not my favorite performance of the


This vignette is from a 2D digitally animated comedic film I produced in 2011. I created the characters and story, as well as wrote, directed, art directed, and edited the film, but collaborated with a handful of traditionally trained 2D animators to animate the 18,000+ frames required to make this


15″Wx 22″H Lab printed cibachrome from 35mm slide positive

11-DEVICE (Cruel Tool)

Device (Cruel Tool) – DIM 34″ W x 55″ H x 4.5″ D (Wood, Paint, Steel, Tin, mid-century electrical wiring, and photo emulsion reassembled into antennuating device that converts silence and oppression into a constant 120 volt AC current easily accessed via the two prong outlet, for general use around


Device (Cruel Tool) – (detail of the twin dielectric oppression plates.)


Shadow Caster – Dim: 51″W x 33″H x 6″D Wood, metal, and hand toned photo emulsion image of a male torso and face on glass, suspended above an ensconced iron spike. (One of approximately twelve sculptural objects exhibited in my solo show at Artemisia Gallery in Chicago, 1996.)


ManPower – DIM: 24″W x 35″H x 3″ D A collection of color Polaroid specimens captured in their emergent state are pinned in place upon a crudely cobbled wooden monument.


Hand printed and toned gelatin silverprint from a two step in-camera process resulting in a 4″x5″ view camera negative.(Number six in a nine part series)


STATEDIM: 30″W x 12″H   Backlit solarized transparency from 35mm negative (lightbox)


Figurative hand printed C-41 process backlit translucent film (lightbox)


This is a brief video capture from, an interactive flash web experiment I created back in 2001. This “Mutant TV From The Future” began as a challenge to create a quickly and easily accessible, visually unique world within which to house my growing world of animated characters, games and

MOMENTARY RELIQUARY (Interior detail, neon light)

199336″W x 12″H x 12″DA view of the interior lit only by the hidden neon chambers built within the sculpture’s walls, shining through the two way mirrored crosses that decorate the interior and exterior of the box.

MOMENTARY RELIQUARY (Interior detail, projector light)

199336″W x 12″H x 12″DA view of the interior lit only by the super8 film projector hidden in the base of the reliquary, which sends a loop of fleeting memories through the eye lenses of the floating face.

Momentary Reliquary-A

When this sculptural object sits un-powered with doors closed, it appears as a sturdy pinewood paneled box, decorated with inset mirrored crosses. Should a curious viewer attempt to peek into its interior through the window-like crosses, they will initially only see their own reflection. However, once powered, electric pink light


This is an early portable “augmented reality” interactive demonstration I created way back in 2003. We motion captured miniature real world “camera-props” and R/C cars racing around a small circular set, to drive CGI animated cars rendered from the prop-driven “pov” cameras within the real-time rendered experience displayed overhead. The

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