Project Gallery – Karl Dahl and the Golden Cube

It’s about freakin’ time!  I FINALLY get to show off the first pics from my new oh-so-secret(-ish) animated film, “KARL DAHL AND THE GOLDEN CUBE“!  The story features twin brothers Karl and Vincent Dahl, a pair of bickering vaudevillian nutcrackers, who inadvertently find themselves facing off against the infamous Vile Tom (and his gang of loyal Utility Men) as they attempt to pull off the biggest gold heist in history!  Hilarity, of course, ensues.  The film will be hitting the festival scene beginning early in 2011, so  please stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks!


About CK

CHRISTOPHER KAI OLSEN is an Emmy®-winning filmmaker who's innovative storytelling approach can be seen throughout a variety of award winning productions, including the documentary series "THE ARTSIDERS®", the hit children’s series "VEGGIETALES®", the film fest favorite “FANCY," and the upcoming animated series “THE KARL DAHL SHOW™." In addition to his film work, Chris enjoys teaching and speaking about art, science, and cutting edge filmmaking techniques, and has been known to walk miles out of his way in order to procure a well-made chai tea latte.
  • Julie (of King is a Fink)
    Julie (of King is a Fink)

    How exciting, Chris! One of the parts of our “movie making team” we’re missing is a good animator. Now we know who to come to for referrals… Congratulations!

  • Rick Mizuno
    Rick Mizuno

    Hey Chris, brother.

    A BIG congrats on making this part of your creative dreams a reality. So Cool!

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