URSULA THE UBER-GIRL™ LogoHere’s an animated short film introduction to one of my favorite characters, Ursula The Uber-Girl.  Now, I’ve been working with little toddler Ursula for more than twelve years, and she’s gone through a number of incarnations, from 2D, to 3D and back again, but she’s always been extremely dear to my heart, and its great to finally begin sharing her many adventures with you guys.

This short, which premiered this past summer at the Reno Film Festival  , marks Ursula’s first public appearance… And yes,while its just a tiny taste, trust me when I tell you that there’s a whole lot more to come from her in the future.  For now, sit back and enjoy the very first baby steps of URSULA THE UBER-GIRL™ in BARBELLS-A-WEIGH!


About CK

CHRISTOPHER KAI OLSEN is an Emmy®-winning filmmaker who's innovative storytelling approach can be seen throughout a variety of award winning productions, including the documentary series "THE ARTSIDERS®", the hit children’s series "VEGGIETALES®", the film fest favorite “FANCY," and the upcoming animated series “THE KARL DAHL SHOW™." In addition to his film work, Chris enjoys teaching and speaking about art, science, and cutting edge filmmaking techniques, and has been known to walk miles out of his way in order to procure a well-made chai tea latte.
  • Jeff Powell
    Jeff Powell

    Hey, Chris.

    Congratulations on your Emmy!

    It’s great to see the Ursula short again. Glad to have been a part of her first steps.

    Lookin’ forward to seeing many more.


  • Terry Reed
    Terry Reed

    WOW! YOU won an EMMY?! I didn’t know that til just a moment ago when I read the other comment from Jeff! CONGRTULATIONS INDEED!! Yikes, can I brag that I kinda sorta in an online weird way KNOW you? 😉

    Just wanted to give uber thanks for creating the uber-girl of my dreams! Now, I am gonna be late for the dang doctor. But it was worth the flirt. With the baby.

    Ahem. BYE!


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