Welcome to the start of something good!

  • CK
  • August 13, 2010

Well, Hello!

Lucky you – You’re one of the very first visitors to my brand spankin’ new website, and BOY! am I ever glad you stopped by!  Of course, you kind of caught me moving in to a big echoey, unfamiliar space – Heck, I’m still trying to find some of the light switches – but these boxes I’m carrying are chock full of some really cool stuff… I just need some time to unpack!  Not that there isn’t still a lot of work to do, before I’m really living here… I mean, just look at all these bare walls.  But, I love a good challenge, and I’m getting pretty excited by the possibilities the new space holds, which is also what makes your visit so welcome.  So… take a quick peek, check back in a week, and feel free to stay for pizza from time to time, because I have a sense that this place is going to be the start of many fine adventures, and I hope you’re along for the ride!



About CK

CHRISTOPHER KAI OLSEN is an Emmy®-winning filmmaker who's innovative storytelling approach can be seen throughout a variety of award winning productions, including the documentary series "THE ARTSIDERS®", the hit children’s series "VEGGIETALES®", the film fest favorite “FANCY," and the upcoming animated series “THE KARL DAHL SHOW™." In addition to his film work, Chris enjoys teaching and speaking about art, science, and cutting edge filmmaking techniques, and has been known to walk miles out of his way in order to procure a well-made chai tea latte.
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