FANCY Official Selection of the Miami Short Film Fest!

Miami Beach At NightBreaking news!  Looks like FANCY gets an extended stay in Florida this fall, having just been officially selected to play as part of the Miami Short Film Festival November 13th -20th!  This is one of a very select list of heavily pro-filmmaker events that are also a blast to attend, run by William Vela, who is a great guy, and it’s in MIAMI, which is one of my favorite cities, so I can’t speak highly enough about it!  It appears that FANCY will be playing on Tuesday night, November 16th, at 6:45 PM as part of the “Bust A Move” program, and if you have the chance I ‘d love to see you come out to support the film.  So stay tuned for more info, and feel free to visit the  MSFF website below for the latest news:

(PS- See the latest FANCY trailer and more info on the film at IMDB HERE)


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CHRISTOPHER KAI OLSEN is an Emmy®-winning filmmaker who's innovative storytelling approach can be seen throughout a variety of award winning productions, including the documentary series "THE ARTSIDERS®", the hit children’s series "VEGGIETALES®", the film fest favorite “FANCY," and the upcoming animated series “THE KARL DAHL SHOW™." In addition to his film work, Chris enjoys teaching and speaking about art, science, and cutting edge filmmaking techniques, and has been known to walk miles out of his way in order to procure a well-made chai tea latte.