Momentary Reliquary-A

When this sculptural object sits un-powered with doors closed, it appears as a sturdy pinewood paneled box, decorated with inset mirrored crosses. Should a curious viewer attempt to peek into its interior through the window-like crosses, they will initially only see their own reflection. However, once powered, electric pink light spills out from these crosses, revealing a neon filled hidden chamber repeated to infinity within the unit’s walls, an illusion created by the neon’s placement between parallel two-way mirrors that line this hidden chambered area. Opening the front doors reveals a floating cast plaster face within a column lined internal sanctum, and triggers a super-8mm projector built into its base to project a film loop up into the sanctum via angled mirrors. If you look nose to nose into the face’s lensed eyes, you can see flickering glimpses of a childhood memory set against the chattering noise of the hidden projector.

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