A final Thanks to the 2011 Little Rock Film Fest!


Little Rock Film Festival 2011- (L to R) Amman Abbasi, Grant Curatola, Chris Olsen, and Jacob LeMaster

Thanks again Little Rock Film Festival for showing me and KARL DAHL AND THE GOLDEN CUBE such wonderful hospitality… It’s great to have a fest where you can hang out with so many old friends, make so many new friends, and see SO MANY awesome new films in just under 48 hours!  (One of these days I really have to clear my schedule to experience the ENTIRE lineup! I still can’t believe I missed the LRFF Fashion show this year-Somebody PLEASE post some pictures for me!)  There were some truly awesome highlights this trip, and while I can’t wait to talk ’em up, duty calls, and they’ll have to wait a bit till I can give ’em proper attention in a later post.  For now, I’d just like to say THANKS AGAIN Little Rock Film Festival… You Rock My World!

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