Project Gallery – FANCY

I’ve never maintained a very “purist” view of photography.  Yes, I can often be found with a 35mm still camera in hand, but my personal fascination has always been in the capture of “motion-over time-with design.” As such, I’ve moved fluidly between cinema and still cameras for over 20 years, using motion picture cameras very early on to capture strings of images at up to 60 frames per second, then taking the resulting hundreds of feet of film first into the lab, next into the editing suite, and finally into the darkroom, to print down into amazing still images, born of motion.  Today, with Digital Motion Picture Cameras like the RED, I am able to work even faster, and with greater flexibility.  For today’s Tuesday Gallery, I’ve extracted a series of stills from my latest film “FANCY”, shot with the RED digital cinema camera, delivering them in the same manner as “the good old days”, only without all the darkroom mess. Enjoy!

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