FOSSE:PRELUDE available on YouTube!

Fosse:Prelude PosterWow, it’s been a grand year with Fosse:Prelude!  From the initial inspiring lunch with Melissa Thodos of Thodos Dance Chicago at Vong’s Thai Kitchen last Fall, to the first days of production working with Ann Reinking and the dancers, to the national tour the film took as it accompanied “the Fosse Trilogy” performances last fall, to its Film Festival Premiere this past weekend at Big Bear Lake… it’s been quite a ride!  And, while I’ve seen the film a number of times, I still enjoy the exuberance Melissa, Ann and the dancers have for the material. That being said, I’m admittedly still wrestling with the idea of expanding the film into a much more robust program, to dig in and really show off the dance magic that occurred during “The Fosse Trilogy”.  The film was never designed to stand apart from the live performance, but was in fact created to give context to the live performance that was to follow, so very little actual dance was shown during the film itself.  With the hours of incredible dance footage I have at my disposal, you can see why I’m itchy to remake this film to stand on its own.  But until I do, here’s your chance to see the film in its original form… Enjoy!


If you can’t see the video, Click here to View:

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